The following are a few examples of many Seattle GPS Tracker success stories from throughout the U.S.


Scottsdale, Arizona  

My mother resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and our family had been increasingly concerned about her driving activities.  She had begun early stages of dementia.  She refused to stop driving, but agreed to let us put a unit on her car.  We purchased a unit and our entire family began monitoring our mother whenever she drove.  We received alerts when she activated the Geo-Fence we set up around her home, with the Seattle GPS rental's website.  One Sunday morning, we noticed she had departed Scottsdale headed west on interstate 10.  There was no answer on her cellphone.  She ultimately headed south on interstate 95.  We had telephoned law enforcement that located our mother.  She had no recollection of leaving Scottsdale and did not know where she was.


Phoenix, AZ.


Texas to Seattle

Our daughter was addicted to opioids and had completed intense treatment in Houston.  She returned to college, was working part-time and living with us; however, one weekend she disappeared in our car.  She claimed to be traveling to Seattle to visit with old schoolmates.  We had a unit on our car and watched as she drove to Seattle.  She stopped answering her cellphone and we reported her missing to Seattle Police Department.  They were able to track our vehicle and locate our daughter.  She had been living out of the vehicle and returned to drug use.  We flew to Seattle and brought our daughter back to Texas.


Houston, TX   


Atlanta to Seattle

Our son suffers from autism and mild depression.  He completed high school and two years of community college.  He was accepted into a chef school at a restaurant in Seattle and moved to Seattle.  A few months later, he stopped answering his cellphone and the restaurant said he stopped showing up for work.  We checked the unit on our car, which he had been driving, and noticed it had been parked at a large park in Seattle.  Seattle Police Department located our son living in the woods and in possession of a firearm, which he had purchased at a pawn shop.  Our son is now back home.


Atlanta, GA