Tracking GPS Rental


GPS Rental:

$110.00 per month, with a refundable $200.00 deposit for first time clients. The customer's deposit of $200.00 is used to replace any item reported lost, stolen or damaged unit.  We have only had one unit stolen. This does not include cost of shipping to clients, which is approximately $12.00. Client is responsible for shipping and return costs. Units are also available for pick up in north Seattle, WA. No cellular phone contract, no activation fee, no start-up or activation fee, simply mail the unit back to Seattle GPS Rental when you are done.  Monitor GPS units using our GPS custom developed website on your laptop or smart phone, which utilizes  Our units are real time and report every 15 seconds.  View unit stops, speed, location, routes, and addresses.  History of unit movement is located on the website for easy review.  Our website allows you to create Geo-Fence Alerts so once a unit leaves a certain designated area, you will be automatically alerted.  

Legal Aspects:

Seattle GPS Rental is not responsible for any inappropriate, civil or criminal use of our units and customers are obligated to review the laws of their particular U.S. state or country before use.  Seattle GPS Rental is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged units.  Seattle GPS Rental is not responsible for any damages resulting from the sole negligence of the customer.  Customer has a duty to pay any liability arising out of any use of our units.  Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold Seattle GPS Rental officers, officials, employees, and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, injuries, damages, losses or suit including attorney fees, arising out of or resulting from acts.