Our units utilize extremely powerful magnets to attach to the steel portion of a vehicle's frame.  We have never had a unit "fall off."  Customers need to be extremely careful not to pinch their fingers during installation between the magnets and steel of a vehicle.  Unit can also be placed inside the vehicle such as passenger compartment.  Installation takes the same time it takes you to remove your cellphone from your pocket.  Units are motion activated.  Clean the installation area of dirt, dust, and grease.  Magnet must have a solid attachment to the vehicle.     

Battery life depends on the amount of driving conducted; however, thirty days is average and the unit needs approximately an hour to fully charge.

Units are accurate within approximately 12 inches.  Line of sight between the GPS unit and the GPS satellites can be obscured by trees, buildings, metal obstructions just like a cellphone.  This interferes with the cellphone signal; however, once a clear line of sight is regained, the unit begins operating.  There are also areas within the U.S. with poor cellphone reception and this of course causes the unit to struggle to acquire or maintain a satellite signal, just like your cellphone.  Unit's signal cannot travel through metal, concrete, or other like materials, such as a parking garage or a busy downtown area.   

Our units are used throughout the world.  Please contact us regarding what country you would like to use a unit.